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Products and Services

BOC Canada is the nation’s premier supplier of gases and related products, equipment, applications technology, services and solutions.

BOC Canada sells a wide range of gas products, systems and services, but we know that we also sell peace of mind. Our customers use our goods and services in their own work, and so they rely on us to help create quality results. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.

BOC has:

  • a wide selection of industrial, medical, hospitality, refrigerant and special gases
  • a variety of supplies for our customers’ safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • a full range of supply options
  • a world-leading delivery system
  • comprehensive geographical coverage
  • equipment supply and maintenance solutions
  • a comprehensive selection of other services

At the leading edge of new technologies, and underpinned by a culture of innovation, flexibility and customer responsiveness, BOC adds value to customer processes by providing practical and custom tailored products and solutions.

BOC provides the majority of its gas products in cylinders, and owns and manages almost one million actively circulating cylinders. BOC Canada’s cylinders are found on construction sites, in factories and workshops, at mining sites, in hospitals and laboratories, in hotels, on farms and in workshops across the country. These entities look to BOC for products, service and expertise that help them safely streamline their processes while reducing overall costs.

BOC also has a substantial welding products business, and provides safety equipment and services to thousands of businesses in Canada. Offering over 30 industrial gases and more than 150 customized gases, BOC is committed to delivering value and service to its widespread customer base.

BOC Canada’s retail presence is found in its 70 stores, each of which offers a comprehensive range of cutting, welding and heating equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning products, and a wide range of safety products that meet stringent local and global standards.

BOC Canada is the nation’s premier supplier of gases and equipment for a large variety of industries. We provide a wide selection of equipment to suit the needs of all our customers in the industrial, medical, hospitality, refrigerant and scientific communities.

We have many outside vendors that we are proud to refer to, including Doorcare Vancouver


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