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Specialty Gas and Equipment
BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is proud to announce the release of our new Specialty Gases and Equipment catalogue. This catalogue is being released under our new brand name of Linde.
Click here to download an electronic copy.
Specialty Gas and Equipment Catalogue

The catalogue features over 300 pages of valuable information including:

  • Specialty, rare and electronic pure gases and multi-purpose and special application gas mixtures including product specifications, gas and transportation data, and safety and gas handling equipment recommendations
  • Portable calibration gases including the environmentally friendly, refillable Ecocyl* cylinder supplied complete with built-in regulator and multi-setting flowmeter
  • Spectra gases environmental products
  • Central gas supply section introducing Linde's Baseline* and HiQ* Redline regulators, switchover systems and gas supply panels - a wide variety of distribution options designed to maintain gas purity ranging from cylinders to large gas installations
  • Extensive gas handling line including flowmeters, mass flow equipment, cabinets, generators, purifiers, monitors, detectors and accessories
  • Gas and equipment safety seminars
  • Convenient data reference tables and compatibility charts

To request a quotation, ask a technical question or request other product information, call Canada's leading Specialty Gas team at 1-866-385-5349.


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